Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aztec & Burgundy

As a recently postpartum mom {for the third time}, I find that one of my fave fall go-to pieces in my closet definitely has to be leggings. I can get into them without jumping up and down and sucking in for my life. And sometimes, you just need to be comfortable. I definitely recommend these as your in-between phase from postpartum body to pre-prego body. Here is how I like to style them up lately.

{ Cardigan from Ross - This One is totally cute / Leggings / Boots / Tee Shirt }
The following pics were taken again by Tanner with my iPhone - he's getting better! Except this one, it's a selfie. You can see I obviously accessorized since the first self-timer pics with my DSLR.

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