Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday


Since we are headed out of town Thankgiving week and won't be back until Sunday, I decided to start getting most of my Christmas decor out of the way. I normally do it the day after Thanksgiving and I really want to come home to an already decorated house! I am doing pink and gold this year...that way it won't clash with my already pink and yellow living room. I think it's starting to look great! We will add the family ornaments to the tree as a family one night with hot chocolate and Christmas music. We may wait until we get back from Myrtle Beach to do that.


Tomorrow is Jake's and my 7-year wedding anniversary! We were going to go see Dumb & Dumber To, but his dad will be watching the kids and I feel bad about trying to do dinner AND a movie. His dad works crazy hours all week, so I didn't want to keep him too late. We plan on checking out a local restaurant and bar we haven't been to yet. Can't wait for a long overdue date night with my husband!

Our Wedding - Nov 2007
Our Reception - May 2008


Tanner started his new school on Monday and so far so good. He's been getting dropped off from the bus right in front of our house {no more throwing the other two into the car to pick him up!} and then he starts in on his homework and for the most part has been a lot easier about just getting it done. He actually has to go next week on Monday and Tuesday, whereas his former district has the whole week off. Can I say I'm sort of glad because I'll be able to get more done around the house before we head out of town? I'd just be boring him anyway. #mommystruggles


Christmas is fast-approaching and I'm really trying to nail down my plans for the kids' gifts. Farrah is so hard because she mostly has everything she needs from birth, so I'm trying to plan some toys for maybe the next year or two ahead. I got this giraffe in EUC from a friend for $4.00 this week. It's $56 at Amazon! I think she'll love it when she's old enough to ride it. I'm sort of obsessed with giraffes for her...she's got Sophie, and I'm planning on painting some giraffe art for her nursery!

As for the boys, they definitely need new bikes this year and we are also getting them Lego Batman 3 for the Playstation 4 {much to my chagrin, this one is my husband's doing}.

Do you have any great ideas {besides Legos!} for 9yo and 4yo boys, and a 7mo girl?


And that's all she wrote.

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