Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Musings

First of all...I did not blog at all last week. I greatly apologize for that. Basically beginning on Monday, we started the process to withdraw my 9-year old from his school and we enrolled him in another one in our district. He starts school there today. It was just a lot to do...I had to arrange to meet the principal, his new teachers and tour the school. And then I also had to finish up some things for his campout birthday party that we had on Saturday, so needless to say, blogging was just the last thing I could really get to.

I am feeling good about our decision to switch schools for Tanner. This new school is a bit smaller, so his class size is only 16 students and there are only two 3rd grade classrooms. He has always done better in smaller groups. He had some issues in his class at the other school and it got to the point where we decided it might be better to remove him from the situation and start off with a clean slate. Don't worry - it was nothing super-serious, but just something that we had been trying to work through and it needed to be addressed a different way. Tanner is a sweet, loving and smart boy...but without getting too far into it, he's shown some behavioral issues when it comes to his schooling and we are consistently working through it with him. We hope that this change will bring improvements.

On another note, his birthday party was a great success! I didn't actually have to be there other than to help set up the campsite, supplies and goody bags for the kids. It was a father/kid campout and my husband said it ended up being a really good time with no meltdowns! I don't have a lot of pics as I asked my husband to take some {that means I got 4 pics - ha!} but here are some:

I made these goody bags and a scavenger hunt for them. In the bags I put trail mix, glow bracelets, a fruit rollup and the scavenger hunt. Kept it simple. I figure the hunt would be nice for the kids to do while the men set up their tents, etc.

What did I do Saturday night while the boys were out of the house?

I spent my time with this happy little face and a glass of wine...and Gilmore Girls reruns on Netflix {don't judge me...haha!}

Basically, I am glad last week is over and done with...and I'm eager to see Tanner later and hear about his first day at his new school. I was glad that when we met with his IEP teacher and the kids he'd be in there with, that he knew one of the kids from his school last year that did IEP with him then! I am starting this week with a fresh attitude ready to hit the gym daily, go for practice runs {my Turkey Day 8K is next week!} and just keep caught up on my normal SAHM duties...the ones that don't involve birthday party planning and changing schools all in one week. :-)

Hope y'all had a great weekend and have an even better week!


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