Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings

It has been a while since I blogged! I totally did not expect that to happen...last week started out as any normal week {with the exception of recovery from the 4th}...but then I went and got bored...and in my boredom decided that I'd officially get us moving on listing our house for sale and getting a loan for a new one.

Holy Moly.

It has all happened so fast. I called the VA on Tuesday about a pre-qualified...started digging through our files {which thank God, are meticulously organized} to get them all the paperwork they needed to work on our file and get our approval letter to us. I also met with a realtor to look at houses in one of my desired areas {and fell in love with a couple, but I'm having trouble getting the husband to agree to the tad further distance to and from work}.

But then something really wonderful of my neighborhood wine club friends put a post on the neighborhood Facebook pages asking if anyone knew of any 4-bedroom houses coming on the market soon {apparently, my wine club gals do not want me to leave!} One guy responded that his was going to go on the market in a few weeks, so we started messaging about it and he agreed to go ahead and let me see it. {FYI, this is the neighborhood right behind us, the houses are a bit nicer and larger.}

I. Loved. It.

It is the perfect layout, size and price. We agreed to forgo realtors for the sale since he hadn't listed yet and we just walked in without representation. As long as the stars stay aligned, we are signing the contract this week once we get the official letter of approval and could close as early as September 1st! It just seems so surreal to me right now, but I am so stoked.

Meanwhile, I've hired a realtor to put our house on the market and she has certainly put me to work. We plan to list it later this week. I spent the majority of last week and all this weekend packing the items we won't necessarily need for a couple of months and put them in a storage unit...also some furniture and other clutter to clear so the house would be better staged for showing. I had a pine straw guy come out and make our landscaping look a little nicer and I have a cleaning lady scheduled later this week.

It has just been a whirlwind...and it's all happening so fast.

I'll keep y'all updated on the progress, and I'll definitely try to be more present this week on the blog, however, there really is just a lot to do, so I'm going to do my best.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last week...

Farrah is old enough for the race car shopping cart, which makes Breckin very happy.
Loves her blanket...will just go lay down if I lay it out.
Waiting for friends? Take a selfie to pass the time. It is definitely time to dye my hair dark again.
Have a great week, y'all!


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