Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bright Update: Farrah's Changing Station

Now that it is safe for me to get back to DIY {spray-painting}...I've decided to tackle a few of my looming projects. I found these lamp bases for $3.00 and thought they'd be great on Farrah's changing table. The table previously looked like this:

The lamps we were using were just a little too fat for the space, in my opinion...and also a little too drab. I wanted something bright and fun to really pull from the colors in the space.

So yellow it is!

First I started with protecting the electrical parts of the bases - the top where the bulb goes and the switches are at and the cord at the bottom. I've found with cords like this, it's easiest to just get a plastic bag and cover them and then tape off with painter's tape near the base. The yellow I used is Krylon's Sun Yellow. It's the perfect, bright, sunny yellow.

I primed them, let that set and then I did two even light coats of the yellow {drying between coats}. Here is the changing station now!

Much brighter and happier, don't you think?

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