Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things I Can't Wait To Wear {Fit Into}

As this pregnancy nears a close, I am getting excited about "normal" shopping again and being able to wear the items in my closet that have been gathering dust for 9 months. Of course, I know some of it won't be immediate as there is usually a lot of work to be done before everything fits again {and I just am not seeing myself looking good in a bikini this summer...boo}, but I'm finally in a place where I feel like I can enjoy perusing online clothing shops again...and get this blog back rolling {apologize for my lack of good posts over the past few months!}

Anyway, onto the good stuff...things I can't wait to wear:

I know I said I likely won't be sporting a bikini this summer, but I still have to be on the lookout for next summer...and isn't this crop top from Victoria's Secret just adorbs? It would be perfect to have while boogie boarding with my sons...{no worries about the girls popping out unannounced}.

I have a few pairs of these PJs from Victoria's Secret and I cannot wait until I can kiss the nights of wearing my husband's t-shirts to bed good-bye and get back to feeling adorable and cuddly...plus, it's just in time for summer, the prime time to sport these babies.

My first treat to myself when I lose all the weight and get toned back up will be a nice pair of bootcut jeans. I am so glad to say "sayanora" to maternity jeans for the rest of my life! These Paige Denim Manhattan jeans look so flattering.

As I work my way back down to size, I imagine I'll find myself going more the way of the Boho chic route when it comes to tops. Something nice and flows that provides comfort while also hiding the post-baby belly. Here are some tops that I find inspiring:

Sleeveless Drapey Open Back Tank
Free People Drapey Open Back Tank

O'Neill Harlow Top

There are some good favorites in my wardrobe currently that I am dying to wear and I'm also having a fun time starting to add some new things that I can wear so I don't feel so frumpy as a newly postpartum woman.

If you've had a baby, what did you most look forward to wearing again postpartum? What are some things you wore to hide the belly?

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