Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

Well happy, fabulous Friday! I've certainly been scarce this week! Just a lot going on in work and life and I had no time to sort any thoughts into a decent blog post. But it's is winding down and I am ready for the weekend. How about you?


A sweet friend lent me his NASM study materials for getting a personal training certification, so I'm diving into those and finally going to work toward getting certified! It's only been like a decade or so that I've talked about wanting to be certified. It's something I've felt strongly about for years and for whatever reason, things would get in the way, or I would procrastinate. Pregnancies did not help either, as I'm a little crazy, so mentally I would think that I can't be a personal trainer if I'm not my fittest and still carrying  baby weight. Though I still have a few lbs of baby weight left from Farrah, I'm feeling good about the future and want to get started with this process. Plus, it does make for extra motivation in my workouts.


Speaking of working out, we had such beautiful weather this week, well, until today that is. High 70s pretty much all week and today it's in the 30s...#WTF. BUT, I did take advantage of that nice weather and took a couple of runs this week after work before I picked up the kids {it was my "me" time}. They were short and I didn't feel that great about my's been a while since I've run and getting back to it while it's hot outside is a challenge. I'm working on it...don't mind my rant about the construction during Monday's run...


I started a giraffe drawing for Farrah's nursery sometime in December, I believe, and sort of forgot about it. I pulled it out last night and finished it. I still am not 100% happy with it, but think I'm going to go ahead and frame it for her room.

 I then got a little hooked {it's been a while since I've sketched!} and I started playing around...I love drawing hibiscus flowers.

This one is not finished, that was about 10-15 min of work...I really need to keep up on creating art...I get so rusty and I do love was nice and relaxing to just sit there and draw. It is good therapy. Hopefully you'll be seeing more from me.


This weekend is going to be pretty nice - temps in the 60s and sunny. And I am SOOOOO looking forward to daylight savings time on Sunday! I swear I am always in a funk by this time of year - whether it be mood, fitness or just all of the above and once that DST starts back up again, it changes everything. I'm hoping to take the kids to the beach to play and I also need to get some things done around the house...Jake is almost done with our bathroom {can't wait to show you!} Here is the countertop he made himself:

Glad my man is so talented and hardworking...we are able to get a lot of nice things done around the house for way less than what it would cost most people.


To top off this Five on Friday, I'll leave you with a picture of my happy baby...she's 3 days shy of 10 mos and REALLY trying to crawl...she's just like Tanner, too big to crawl! He was exactly 10 mos when he crawled AND pulled himself up in the same day...I wonder if she will follow suit? This is her playing ball with Daddy...she just loves catching it.

Have a great weekend!

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