Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Updates

I will freely admit this blog has become a back burner item for me and I hate that. I enjoy it, but lately finding the time, or rather, organizing my time has become harder. It won't always be that way, but I'm still trying to get into a good groove with work/life balance. Here are some quick little updates on various things...

Farrah turned 10 months old on Monday! Still no crawling or pulling up...but she's chubby, healthy and happy so that's just fine by me. Tanner was the same way. She sure has got the roll down though.

The weather has been absolutely awesome this week so far. I'm really loving the daylight in the evenings. We have all been playing outside a lot more. Running in the neighborhood after Farrah goes down for bed is going to be a regular occurrence.

{ Don't worry, the boys are still around too, they are just too busy to be bothered with pictures, so don't mind the overload of Farrah photos. :-) }

I am officially back in the gym. I had been working out at home since early January when Farrah first caught her cough/sinus infection/gunk that just lasted for weeks. I would have felt too guilty taking her to the gym daycare, so unfortunately that meant I didn't get to go. I then started back at Boeing at the end of January, thus making finding the time that much harder. She's feeling much better now and I'm finally not working so much overtime, so I've been going to the gym {which is right by my kids' daycare} right after work about 3:30/4pm before I pick them up and head home. I could have been doing that all along I suppose, but with Farrah having to adjust to being at daycare after being home for 9 months {her whole life}, I wanted to pick her up as soon as possible. Now that I know she is doing well there, I definitely don't feel guilty about sneaking in my "me" time for an hour after work and before heading home with them. I am working hard to stick to a plan right now, so every week I am writing it out:

Jake is ALMOST done with our bathroom. The countertop he made is gorgeous. We still need to fill in the wall where he took off the privacy piece, and we just realized we are going to have to repaint the entire room because I don't have anymore of the color I used in there. I don't mind, I want to go with a lighter gray, and our current shade sort of has a bluish tone to it which I don't love. I need to figure out decor for the wall behind the toilet and we also need to paint the vanity. He's done with the storage towers for the vanity but still needs to paint and install them as well. I cannot wait for the finished product and am so ready to move back in!

Tomorrow I have my first 5K race of the year...which is actually a little late for me...I've usually done a couple by this point. Three kids definitely takes away from your own personal schedule - hehe. It is a St. Patty's Day run in the evening. I've got a few friends joining me, so I'm looking forward to a good time and a post-race beer.

It may rain a little, but overall the temperature will be about 60 which is perfect for running. In a couple of weekends, I have the Cooper River Bridge Run which is a 10K. For those of you not familiar, this is a HUGE race that attracts over 40,000 participants. I did it for the first time a couple of years ago and it was definitely crowded...but I really enjoyed it and hope to make a good time {for me} this year. My goal is to just keep running and not really pacing myself is key.

That's about it for now...looking forward to getting myself organized with all of this and producing some friggin' content on here for you already! At least spring/summer fashion is coming up... :-)

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