Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekending: Cooper River Bridge 10K & Zoo

What a weekend! As far as stuff around the house - just about next to nothing got done. Saturday I had the Cooper River Bridge Run and then Sunday we went to the zoo. It was quite an on-the-go weekend and I am still exhausted {and in pain}.

My friend Anne and I ran the race...I even beat my 2012 time of 1:12 {not that it was a great time to begin with, but I had never run 6m straight before that day}. Below says 1:09-something, but it also was more than 6.2m. I estimate my actual 10K time was in the 1:07 range. I had not run 6m straight since before getting pregnant with Farrah, so I am feeling the pain now...during the run I felt like my pregnancy hips started coming back around the last couple of was uncomfortable to say the least, but I pushed through it.

Such a cool race to do though...I really do love it. It was a bit cold that morning and being in a t-shirt knowing I'd get hot while running, my arms were pretty much numb through the first mile and a half.

After we finished, Anne, a few of her friends and I all went to have some celebratory beers. It was really fun, but I learned quick I am no longer able to party like a rock star. I came home and crashed at about 5:30pm and pretty much slept straight through til 6:30 the next morning. Thank God for my wonderful husband who was on children duty that entire day.

That koozie couldn't be more true.

On Sunday, even though a few of my joints were questionable, we headed to Columbia, SC to take the kids to the zoo. We are members so we were able to treat our friends and their kids with our guest passes. It really is a nice deal to buy the membership! We had a really fun time and the weather ended up being pretty much perfect.

Farrah and I got our wonderful picture with a giraffe {you know that was a goal of mine}. I'll be framing it for her room.

We are going again in May with a couple of friends and their son...can't wait!

This morning I'm dealing with either a bone or a muscle that is sore on the outside of my foot and a little pain in my left knee {that had already been bothering me for a few weeks}. Going to give it a little rest and hope for the best. I mean, it's like sheesh! I only ran 6 miles, but I guess it makes a difference when your body is no longer used to that distance. I'll get there.

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