Friday, April 12, 2013

30 For My 30th

I'm taking a cue from Chassity, Natalie, Alex, Meg and Emily and doing a different type of post today. I read a good bit of blogs and I have to say that I love a personal get-to-know-the-girl-behind-the-blog type of post every now and then. So, in honor of my 30th birthday this weekend, here are 30 non-important issues I have details about the woman I call me:


Two. My hair used to be Gwen Stefani blonde...until I realized I made a much better brunette.

Three. I can't go out without makeup. Ever. {But for reasons other than one might think.}

Four. I have abnormal strength in my hands - I can open jars even my husband can't and I can bring him to his knees when we play the game Mercy.

Five. I was hit by a car at 33mph when I was 8 while riding a friend's bike.

Six. I've never broken a bone.

Seven. I've been known to consume a couple bags of Conversation Hearts over Valentine's Day season.

Eight. I have four tattoos, three of which I'd like removed or changed.

Nine. I'm really great at starting things...not always so great at finishing... {Thanks, ADD.}

Ten. I am awesome at spelling and grammar {also one of those whom is highly annoyed by incorrect spellings and grammar}. I won two spelling bees in elementary school.

Eleven. I've met the following celebrities: Tim Allen, Kristen Davis, Kelly Slater, Bruce & Andy Irons {RIP}, Hakeem Olajuwon, Pete Rose {we share a birthday and were both celebrating in Vegas at the same time}, The Band Perry, Tito Ortiz and Colbie Caillat.

Twelve. My husband and I had a week-long engagement and married privately on Thanksgiving Day on the beach at Breach Inlet on Sullivan's Island. His father was our pastor.

Thirteen. I moved to Charleston, SC from Huntington Beach, CA when I was 22, and 4 months pregnant with my first child and did not know anyone, except Jake. Now I can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone I know.

Fourteen. I am told often I look like Megan Fox. My maiden name is Morgan Cox and I also have thumbs that are different sizes. It's a strange coincidence, though I maintain I think she is MUCH more beautiful, and I am always extremely flattered when told I resemble her.

Fifteen. Back in my day, I could hang with the boys when I played basketball.

Sixteen. God has done nothing but surround me with boys in life - two brothers {one older; one younger}, no sisters, two sons, no daughters. Maybe He will redeem Himself when I have grandchildren?

Seventeen. I am petrified of cockroaches. {I won't even post a picture of one here because just looking at one will give me the heebie-jeebies.}

Eighteen. My first ever apartment was a Melrose-Place-esque complex in Long Beach, CA, except it was across the street from Snoop Dogg's old high school. There were cop sirens on a daily basis and my car was broken into three times before it was finally stolen.

Nineteen. My first car was a gold 1988 Honda Accord. I bought leopard steering wheel and seat covers along with matching dice in the mirror. Yeah, I was that girl. {Hey, it looked really good with the gold!}

Twenty. The first time I fell in love, I was 14. The love was not returned until seven years later when it was too late.

Twenty-One. My first real relationship started when I was 17. He was a freshman at our local college. 

Twenty-Two. My closet is organized in order by colors of the rainbow.

Twenty-Three. I can actually sorta sing well. But not in front of people. {You should hear my car concerts.}

Twenty-Four. When I first met Jake, a very strange feeling came over me and I knew I had met my future husband.

Twenty-Five. I prefer to be the driver when in the car. I have an irrational fear that I will die in a car crash, so I don't trust others driving.

Twenty-Six. The first concert I went to was Blink 182. I was 17.

Twenty-Seven. I've had my ears, tongue, nose and belly button pierced. The only ones I can still get jewelry into are my ears and nose.

Twenty-Eight. My Sophomore year in high school, the last month of school, three kids died in three separate incidents. One was my friends' brother who was only 13, one was a guy in my class and the third was supposed to be a Valedictorian for his graduating class that year. It was the most solemn, sad month our school had ever experienced.

Twenty-Nine. I used to forge notes from my mom to get out of biology class and go to lunch with my then best friend. We had two different lunch times at our school, so it was the only way we could have lunch together. I eventually got caught, but my mom wasn't mad because she understood. She also realized then how scarily good I was at forgery.

Thirty. I was the mascot during the first half of my Senior year. Go, Bruins!

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Georgina said...

I love when bloggers do these posts! Thank you! You DEFINITELY look similar to Meghan Fox but have your own fantastic look :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Ha ha I am right handed and my penmanship is atrocious!!

Ali of

Morgan S. said...

Thanks, Georgina, you're too sweet! And Ali, no worries, I'm sure you have many other talents! xoxo

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

I love reading the girl behind the blog posts! It's funny that you are from Huntington because I visit H.B. quite often. :) My husband and I are thinking about packing up and moving to Oregon though (where we don't know anybody). I've also grown up with a house full of boys! I have 5 brothers, no sisters-unless you count my sister-in-law. I also have a son but we are praying for a little girl whenever the Lord allows. lol
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Love Sparkle Pretty

Arash Mazinani said...

Awesome post, just stumbled across your blog from GritandGlamour I think. I've seen a few other bloggers do something similar when they reached 30 and it's always great to find out about the person behind the blog. So it was lovely to read, I'm 29 next week so not far off the the big 3-0 myself lol.


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