Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Little Master Bedroom Update

Since we had a couple of days off due to the crazy winter storm that hit the Southeast {being totally sarcastic by the way...it was hardly emergency conditions}, we had a little time to take care of some projects around the house. One main one in particular was repainting our master bedroom wainscoting. You see, when we moved into this house almost six years ago, we were all about the blue and brown decor phase and thought it would possibly look cool if we painted our wainscot squares brown with white trim surrounding. At first, we really liked it. But over time, I realized it made the room look a little darker than I liked and of course, my penchant for blue and brown decor faded over time as well. Here is what the room looked like before:

It wasn't terrible of course, but we have such poor lighting with only having the one small window, and the room is oblong, so the window certainly doesn't cover all of it. Here is the vast improvement we made:

I am already asking myself why we didn't do this in the first place, or at least sooner than now. What a difference! It feels so much brighter in there. Of course, the blue and brown decor stays for now...but I do plan to do an all white bedspread soon, as well as go with a gray wall, but that will have to wait until our next house. We plan on selling this place soon, so it doesn't make much sense to do many more updates to it. We did want to get this wainscot out of the way though because it will make it look a lot better for showing. What do you think? Major improvement?

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