Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Moving After All

I know my posts have been far and few between the last few weeks. As you might know, we put our house up for sale a month ago and as of today, decided to officially remove it from the market.

We spent a good few weeks getting things cleaned and organized, as well as moving out clutter to a storage unit. Unfortunately, despite how nice our home interior looks compared to others in our neighborhood, it just didn't look like we were going to get the {fair} price we wanted and needed. Knowing that the area is up and coming - a new K-8, high school as well as nature trails are planned in the next couple years - we thought it best to just sit on it a few more years and then it will be worth our while to sell, and we can probably get something even better than we could right now. Luckily, we aren't in a position where moving is necessary, though I was excited at the prospect of a larger home. However, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders for a little while...and I can focus on what's really important - preparing for the arrival of this baby girl in a few weeks.  {Plus, now I get to actually finish the nursery and put things on the walls!}

Anyhow, I do plan to get back on a regular posting schedule - this once or twice a week stuff just ain't cuttin' it, right? I can't believe we are pretty much in the home stretch with this pregnancy. Just shy of 7 weeks to go now...and my hunch is that it will be a bit less, maybe 5-6 weeks, based on my history. Here I am yesterday, at 33 weeks on the dot:

I can tell you I am soooooo if you haven't heard that already. I think I was ready around 7 weeks. What can I say? I miss wine...and normal exercise routines. No but seriously, we've got all the big stuff taken care of and it's all just waiting for a baby to inhabit it.

Now that we've taken the house off the market, as well as had some realtors give us some feedback on our place, I've got a little "to-doozy" list I've worked up for things Jake and I need to do, now that we plan on staying. Many of which I will end up sharing on here once complete. Here's the list so far, in no particular order {as I like to hold myself accountable by sharing this kind of stuff with you}:

  1. Repair Garage Door {Right now it doesn't work electronically and hasn't since we've owned the house. We've just lived with it by locking it manually and raising/shutting manually as needed.
  2. Build Fence Next to White Picket Fence {neighbor's} for privacy and sake of not having to view their yard {it's a rental home, so sometimes an eyesore}. The rest of our yard we have already fenced.
  3. Paint Stairwell and Upstairs Hallway to match the living room {my hubby was lazy about this when we painted the living room, but this portion is long overdue for a paint job and will create a cohesive look, while also making it brighter up there.
  4. Redo Master Closet. We really could stand to add some shelves or racks on the other side that is just a blank wall. I think it will make better use of the space.
  5. Upgrade Laundry Closet - Nicer shelving, maybe cabinets, a fun, bright paint color, etc.
  6. Backyard Landscaping - We need to do a little something out there.
  7. Build a Small Storage Shed - I'd really like to store our lawn mower and other gardening tools in something like that rather than the garage and maybe some of the larger kids' toys, so our yard doesn't always look in disarray.
  8. Put Lattice Around the A/C Unit. This will keep the dog and the kids away from it, and help prevent unnecessary damage. I'd die if my dog started chewing important cords and coils.
  9. Replace Toilet Seats. I know, yuck, right? I keep a clean toilet, but the actual seat {not the whole unit itself} in each of our bathrooms just seems dingy. It's a quick fix and something I just need to do already. {I'll spare you of me sharing this one on the blog. You're welcome.}
  10. Get My DIY Projects Going - specifically painting the wooden high chair, painting the bar cart, etc. This will obviously be after I have the baby.
  11. Finish Nursery - Mostly just need to add some art to the walls and set up some toy storage.
  12. Reorganize Office Closet - so it can function both as office/craft storage and a coat closet.

Happy Friday - Enjoy Your Weekend!

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