Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Musings

I'm a little late getting this to you this Monday, but I must say, I had quite the exhausting weekend. I spent most of it cleaning our house top to bottom. We're talking baseboards and everything, folks. Yes, at 29 weeks pregnant. I did draw the line at hand-scrubbing the stone floors in the kitchen to get all the crud out of the Jake lovingly handled that one for me. He also power-washed the exterior while I went through the crazy mess that was our garage. Now we can actually see the floors in there! A lot more stuff was moved to storage to create the illusion of space for home showings.

The good news is, we signed the paperwork with our realtor this weekend and our house officially goes on the market tomorrow!

We are really excited - this feels like a new chapter in our lives. We are not changing states, or even cities, for that matter, but eventually moving into a larger home with our soon-to-be family of five just feels very exciting. I can't believe we are really adding a baby girl to this family in just a couple months. A lot of things are changing - new house, new addition and I will even be a SAHM for a good while. All positive changes that I am looking forward to.

Unfortunately, due to all the craziness of the weekend, we ate out a lot. I've been trying not to do that during this pregnancy, but sometimes, it's just what works for the time we have. I am making sure to stay on track this week though...I even made a late night run to the grocery store last night after I made my menu plan while Jake got the boys put to bed just to ensure I wouldn't have an excuse not to make a homemade meal each night. This morning, I got up early to fill the Crockpot with all the ingredients to make this dish:

{Crockpot Cheese Tortellini and Sausage}

I've never made it before so I hope it tastes as good as it looks. To make the recipe less fat and calories, I used fat-free cream cheese and 98% fat-free chicken broth. I also doubled the recipe to fill our Crockpot - will be nice for Jake and I to have leftovers for lunches at work. I love Crockpots - what's not to love about having dinner already made when you get home?

In other news, I will be 30 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Finally in the 30s...this is the real countdown now. Baby girl is moving around so much now...I swear she hardly sleeps! {This may be foretelling of the days and nights to come...} I think it's funny how it still freaks Jake out a little bit to feel her move. Breckin even got to feel her kick his hand the other day.

These next couple of months look to be pretty busy, and with the warmer weather on its way as well I'm hoping the remainder of this pregnancy seemingly flies by!

Have a great week! xx

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