Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Workout Wednesday

As spring draws closer, I am starting to examine my workout routine, where I am in my journey and what changes need to be made to get where I want to be {and that is in a bikini, my friends}. As much as I love Body Beast and Insanity, I feel like I could be doing more {call it workout ADD, I always have to switch it up!} I have always felt that at times I have been running regularly {I have a love/hate relationship with running, but it certainly does wonders}, I feel like I definitely slim down a lot quicker {and it hits my trouble areas more so than most activities} and I feel energized. I do also love being outdoors and getting that happy dose of Vitamin D. Plus, in warmer weather and daytime hours {aka weekends}, I can take my kids in the jogger.

It's been a bit cold here lately and I haven't motivated myself to get up and get moving. I get up most mornings to do Body Beast or Insanity before work, but on days I miss, I could definitely put more effort in to go on a run after the kids are all fed and in bed. Daylight Savings needs to come quick! But I don't want to wait until then. I've got about 7 lbs left to shed {plus a little more to get where I really want to be} and I think adding in a fair amount of running each week will certainly make a difference.{Plus, I haven't been actively running in a long while and I have the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run in March!}

Now, with it still being pretty cold and all, especially at the times of day I am able to fit running in, it is crucial to have some good cold-weather running gear. Here are some items I'm coveting lately and may add to my arsenal of fitness gear.
I love love love the C9 by Champion brand at Target. The items are all usually pretty dang good quality and you can't beat the price. This pullover is great...and I'm definitely making the purchase. I really love the Raspberry Shock color too, however, I do tend to swing toward pink on most things, so maybe I'll switch it up because this blue is really nice too.
C9 by Champion® Women's Capri Legging
Well, since I love C9 so much, why not also pick out some leggings to go with the pullover? I'm a big fan of fitted capri leggings when I work out, whether it's cold outside or not {all the more reason to work harder and get warm, right?} I do wear full length pants sometimes, but much prefer my calves and ankles be free...I think it's the dancer in me? Anyway, these look like they'd be a great fit.
Zella 'Live In' Blur Print Leggings
OK, so I know I just got done saying I prefer capris, but I'm not opposed to full-lengths, especially when they are as fun as this! Great for running and barre class too! Love the print!
Zella 'My Run Layer' Half Zip Top
This top comes in a couple of other colors, but I love this yellow. Let's face it, you've got to watch out for some crazy drivers these days and the color is also perfect for early AM runs when the sun isn't up yet...nighttime too.

What is your current workout routine like? Do you love running? Would love to hear your suggestions for gear and clothing!

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