Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break...What "Break"?

Tanner's last day of Spring Break is today and I keep having those pangs of "working mom guilt" because I'm almost certain it hardly felt like a break for him. He still had to get up at 6am {ok, so like 20 min later than he usually gets up for school} all because both Jake and I have to be to at 7am. He didn't have to do schoolwork, so yes, that's a little bit of a break, but he did have to go to Breckin's and Farrah's daycare for the week. He had to be on a "schedule" all break. I suppose he had fun...he saw his old friends from his old school and they did a few field trips throughout the week...but it's always these types of vacations from school where I wish that I could be at home too, so we could all have a real break...and have some quality time and fun together.

But oh well, it's not the way it is right now, so rant over.

We did have a nice weekend...Saturday, I took in an early morning gym session and when I got home we spent a lot of time outside. It was nice and overcast, so not too hot for the kids to be out there for hours. I am trying to get them out of that winter TV/screens mode and put my foot down about them being outdoors when it's nice out. They give some resistance, but for the most part, popsicles and a few new outdoor balls to throw around do the trick. I did manage to find some time to get some cleaning and organizing done...and I did find a perfect spot for one of those peacock chairs I scored for free a few months back!

It still desperately needs a cleanup and paint job; I plan to get to that in the next couple weeks.

Easter was a fun day. We got to "sleep in" a little bit...I swear I am so lucky because my kids are the kind that don't get up super-early...even on Christmas and Easter. No 4am Hell for this mom. They do it just right at about 6:45/7am. They went downstairs, tore into their baskets and then we had a backyard Easter egg hunt.


We went to church and as I was looking for the right Easter-y dress to wear, I realized I really don't have many good dresses for that. I ended up finding this paisley number that was from Victoria's Secret over 10 years ago. I love the cut of it - it's figure-flattering...and a little Boho chic. I did end up pairing a cropped cardigan with it to make it more church-appropriate.

We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch afterward and then again, I made sure we spent a lot of time outside. I even had time to spruce up this wicker rocker I got to replace Farrah's nursery chair. The one I have in there is super-cute, but it hasn't been the most comfortable in terms of feeding her. I painted it with Krylon spray paint in Khaki, just like the other one.

It's up in her room already, so I'll take and updated picture and post it here this week for you.

Anyway, that was my weekend! Hope you had a happy Easter!

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