Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Organizing Your Essential Oils

I started my journey with Young Living essential oils back in January. Since then, I have gotten more and more into them and I often find myself reaching to them first when my kids or I have an ailment, rather than a drug/pharmaceutical of some sort. {My husband is still in the process of being convinced, but he is starting to come around.} My prescription and OTC medications are on the decline in my cabinet and the oils are starting to slowly but surely replace them.

Now that I have somewhere around 30 or so bottles of various essential oils, plus my roller and dropper bottle mixes, it has become harder to contain them. At first, I was storing them in this adorable faux leopard caboodle. It worked great and looked nice on my living room/entryway console table, so they were still within convenient reach.

I got an idea one day thinking that my oils might fit perfectly in an acrylic makeup holder. I especially thought the lipstick spots would be the right size for the 5ml bottles that come in the Every Day Oils Premium Starter Kit. I tried them out in my current makeup holder and they fit. So I went to T.J. Maxx to find some for my oils. I wanted to start keeping many of them in my upstairs bathroom cabinet, while still keeping a few that I use often and love to diffuse downstairs in the leopard caboodle. For me, it's easier to have some in both of our main areas so that when I'm upstairs I don't have to go all the way downstairs to get what I need and vice versa {I often diffuse in mine and my kids' rooms at night too, so it's good to have them up there.}

I still have some in my leopard caboodle sitting on the living room entryway table, but it is mainly for the ones I love to diffuse downstairs. I found a small 9-compartment acrylic lipstick holder to put inside it and it fits perfectly. I also keep my samples and a few cotton balls in there.

How do you store your essential oils? For more information on Young Living essential oils, contact me.

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