Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swoon-Worthy Style

I just happened upon a fabulous blog via Sadie+Stella called Sterling Style. Taylor is so adorable and I look forward to following along and reading more of what she has to say...check out this fabulous dress that simply needs to be hanging in my closet:


OMGosh...the colors...the's screaming my name. I. Am. In. Love.

And seriously disappointed.

Upon clicking the link in her post, I found out the dress was no longer available at the shop she got it from.

But the good ol' detective in me looked up the name of the designer and dress and ran a Google search. And I found this:



Oh and did you spy that super-sweet tote Taylor had with her as well?

It's the Jitney Tote from Tiffany & Co. and embroidery is available.

Gawd, I love that Tiffany blue.


Unfortunately, these are going to have to stay wish list items for a little while...but I may have to consider snagging up that dress before it goes out of stock at Revolve also...xoxo

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