Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Things

Happy Friday, yet again! I'm absolutely loving Fridays lately {not that I don't always}, more so because my pregnancy weeks turn over every Thursday, so I feel like I'm getting into a new week every Friday and it's helping this pregnancy {mentally} move along. Because we all know how fast weekends go... #amiright? By the time Monday rolls back around, I'm halfway through another gestational week and closer to seeing this precious baby girl {and a good bit of wine}.

Well without further adieu, here are my Five Things this week:

I feel like I've been a rockstar at the gym this week {all things - ahem, pregnancy - considering anyway}...I took the day off yesterday due to sore hips {that mountain climbing cardio machine is serious business}. I hate taking days off, but with pregnancy, I have to be sure to listen to my body and take it easy when I feel it's telling me to. My eating this week has been clean and with all of this, I definitely feel a big change in my energy levels, as well as my self-confidence, just from last month. I'm hoping it keeps the rest of the weight gain for this pregnancy in check. Hubby has taken on the T25 program I bought us and I really hate that I can't join in, but I am going to be so eager to get going with it come June!

Speaking of the's his 36th birthday today! I can't believe when I met him he was 26! Man, time does fly when you're having fun...or having babies...ha! We plan to go out tonight, hopefully try out the new tequila bar in town, Sol {though I'll try it sans tequila}. Happy Birthday, Baby - you are an amazing husband and I love you!

I think my tummy has really hit the beach ball stage. I'm 24 weeks and 1 day is a pic I took after I got ready for work at the gym this morning. I definitely feel like I'm carrying higher this time than in my other pregnancies.

I love this was a great purchase from Target early on in the pregnancy...not even maternity, but I knew the material would work for it. It's nice to know I can wear it to pair it with black leggings and my grayish brown boots from Aldo {you can't see pictured here, obviously}. Nice and warm for this cold weather we're having lately!

My husband and I have decided we are going to put our house on the market very soon! We are ready to move into the school district we desire most for our sons, as well as be a lot closer to friends. We're not that far right now, but it still feels a little B.F.E. status sometimes. Right now we are making a plan to purchase a storage unit mid-month next month and move out some of the extra things to make the house more show-worthy...and at the same time we'll do some much-needed purging and organizing of things. We're hoping it doesn't take too long to sell...but then again, if it sells real soon, we'd be looking at moving right when I'm due or right that thought is a little scary to me in itself. But I know people have done this pregnant, so I'll just put faith in God's timing on it all.

And lastly, on this list today...just want to say I love you all! {I know that's a cheap shot for #5, but I'm seriously blanking!}

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