Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Things

This week has been an odd one. We got hit with a "winter storm" here in the Southeast and it really caused some havoc. My son's school let out before noon on Tuesday and was closed Wednesday and Thursday. This morning they even started on a two-hour delay. Due to all of this, I have not been at work since Monday...which is nice, but still, girl's gotta make that money, honey.

But are my five things this week:

The winter storm brought a very rare occurrence of snow to Charleston. We woke up on Wednesday morning to a lot of ice and a little bit of snow fall. Nothing to brag about, but the boys did sure enjoy getting a rare chance to play in the white stuff.

As you can see, there definitely was not much...but it was awesome to them nonetheless. It was also cute seeing them all bundled up in their winter coats {Sugar too}.

Since both Jake and I had the day off on Wednesday, I made sure to put him to work...I got him to paint the wainscot in our master bedroom. Long story short, about 6 years ago when we moved in, we thought it would be cool for it to be brown and white, but after a while, I really just wanted it white...and plus, we are planning to sell the house soon, so it will help it show better. Here is the "before" - stay tuned for "after's" next week!

My Sugar baby turned one this week...she's officially an adult! Here is a pic of her the first day we got her...she still needs me next to her to nap's so funny. She literally sits and waits for me to wind down in the evenings and relax on the couch so she can nuzzle up next to me.

I thought this pic was too funny:

My J.Crew sweaters arrived - I ordered them on major clearance {$29.50 from $69.50!} from their "factory" website...they are versatile and will go with a lot of different just to wait on this pregnant belly to go away...

The pink one pictured  above is now on backorder, but there are still a lot of colors to choose from, so hurry!

I picked up this pink and gold Threshold ottoman from Target...I have been eying it for a while now, so I finally bit the bullet with a giftcard I had from Christmas. It was on sale online at $55.99, I believe it was originally $69.99. Right now it is sitting in the nursery, but I may find a place for it in the living room!

Have a great weekend! Hope you're staying warm wherever you are...looks like Charleston will be up in the high 60s again next week - that's more like it!

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