Monday, June 23, 2014

A Glimpse Into Our Daily Life

I will admit that it's been hard to get into a schedule since Farrah was born. But now, she's almost 7 weeks and I've begun to find ways to fit motherhood, housekeeping and fitness all into my schedule. For those of you wondering how it's possible to manage more than one's a glimpse into my daily schedule for you.

I recently got into the habit of just staying up and being productive once Farrah has her first morning bottle. Since she's still so young, she often wakes up once in the middle of the night and then again around 5am. I now stay up after that 5am bottle because she will go back down to sleep and the boys and my husband are still sleeping as well.

Feed Farrah and put her back down to sleep. Since everyone else is also still sleeping, I'm able to clean up our downstairs living area and kitchen, get some laundry started and folded, pack baby bag and anything needed for the boys, etc. It really makes my day go a lot smoother to get things like that out of the way and start the day with a clean house because then when the kids are awake, I am able to spend more quality time with them.

Go for a run. I just started this one this morning, but plan to keep it up to help melt the baby weight off faster. Right now I run about 30 minutes. I hope to pack more miles into that 30 minutes soon as I start getting back into running shape...and also lengthen the run time. I also added a little jump roping at the end of my run this morning.

Feed Tanner and Breckin breakfast. Get Farrah fed again and changed. Have boys get dressed and ready for the day. Continue doing a few small chores as I go.

8:30AM-11:30AM {M/W/F}
Take Breckin and Farrah on a walk in our neighborhood. We usually go 2.5-3 miles before it gets too hot for them. After that, the kids will have outside play at our house - we have a trampoline and tree fort in the backyard and I've set up a sprinkler, chalk and other toys to keep them occupied. I'll feed Farrah once again, sometimes I will do this out on the front porch {with a fan on Farrah} so I can hang out with the boys while they play outside. She usually has another nap as well. {She's still very into sleeping and eating...but is starting to have more active periods, or just sits awake but content.} If I am able, I try to squeeze in a T25 or Insanity workout, but often this ends up having to wait until Jake is home to help with the kids.

8:30AM-11:30AM {T/TH}
Take Tanner to Karate camp. Breckin, Farrah and I meet some of my other mommy friends to walk the Cooper River Bridge at 9:30am. We usually walk for an hour or so, then I will usually feed Farrah while sitting on a bench watching Breckin play at the play park under the bridge. After she's done eating, we drive home.

Make and serve lunch.

We usually do a daily activity such as pool, play park or just playing outside. Farrah of course gets fed again sometime during this time.

Farrah and me at the play park the other day
We leave to pick Tanner up from Karate camp {T/TH} and I'll run any errands needed as well {groceries, etc.} I start preparing dinner. Jake gets home around 5:00pm normally, unless he's picking up extra hours or playing volleyball at the Windjammer after work {he does that on Tues eves right now - sometimes we'll go out there and hang out with him so the boys can have some beach time.}We eat dinner and Farrah also has another bottle.

This is when I typically make sure the kids get bathed, into their PJs and teeth brushed. I will then put a movie on some evenings for them and before they go to sleep, we read a nighttime story. Tanner is entering 3rd grade, so I like to have him read a book to us too.

Jake and I relax and watch our favorite shows - currently Orange Is The New Black, Game of Thrones {borrowing the series from a friend}, and a few other things. We feed Farrah her bedtime bottle and then go to bed.

And that's how it's done...for now. Seasons change, school will start again and Farrah will begin to be more active in the coming everything will change accordingly. It's not very glamorous, but it's my life. :-)

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