Thursday, June 26, 2014

An Organized Diaper Bag

As a mother of three young children, I am constantly on the go. Now that it's summertime, that's even more so. With an infant, I like to be prepared for anything while we are away from the house and for me, that requires a pretty darn organized diaper bag with all of the things I might need while we are out.

Here is what I keep in my diaper bag and how I keep it organized.

My diaper bag is the J.J. Cole System 180 bag and I've had it since Breckin's diaper days four years ago, but it is still available online. It comes with a portable changing mat, plenty of pockets and a detachable pacifier case.


It's worked great for me, so I was glad that I still had it in my closet when I found out I was going to have Farrah.

1. It's always a good idea to have spare clothes for an infant. Spit up happens, right? And stuff out the other end as well. I keep mine in a gallon size Ziploc bag for a few reasons. One is it keeps them protected should anything spill in/on the bag. Two is it doubles as a spare bag for soiled clothing. I label mine with her name - a good idea if you take your child to daycare.

2. A bottle and formula. My formula container is by Munchkin and is available at Target. It has 3 compartments so you can carry formula for up to 3 bottles. I just measure out the amounts for each feeding into each compartment. Simply pour into a bottle with the correct amount of water. I carry a bottle and usually if I'll fill the bottle with water at home and heat it to hot, so by the time I have to use it, it's usually the right temperature that she likes.

3. Wipes and diapers of course! I typically keep 4-6 diapers in the bag.

4. In a small Ziploc bag, I keep the changing supplies, i.e. creams, powders, ointments, lotion, etc. This way, if anything happens to pop open or leak, it's safely sealed in a plastic bag to prevent making a mess in the diaper bag. It also makes changing easy because I'm not digging in the bag looking for anything, I can just grab the Ziploc bag.

5. I recently started carrying a Tide-To-Go pen. My kids attract stains and usually I end up getting a little something on my own clothing from them.

6. Infant gas drops are a must right now. Farrah is typically pretty good, but usually has a bout of gassiness once a day where it bothers her and these really seem to help when that happens.

7. A burp rag, for obvious reasons.

8. Pacifier wipes by Munchkin. I also got these at Target. Great for wiping dropped pacifiers or toys before giving back to baby, since we all know everything goes straight into their mouth!

Other things I might carry depending upon where we are going or what season it is are sunscreen for the kids {will carry baby sunscreen when she's 6m+}, spare clothes for the older kids, a baby blanket, travel-size bathing supplies {also in a Ziploc}, healthy snacks for the kids and me, my wallet and phone if I'm not carrying a purse, and small toys for entertainment when she's a little older.

What do you keep in your diaper bag?

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