Monday, June 23, 2014


Well, I'm making some changes to the blog yet again. While you can still type in the old blogspot address and be redirected, I wanted to let you know that the official website url for my blog has changed to {That's right, I went and bought myself a .com...Rollin'! Totally kidding.} I have my reasons for the change...the main one being that I originally started Style Oyster with the hopes of it being more fashion- and style-oriented...however, it has become a lifestyle blog of sorts where I not only share fashion and style inspiration, but also tidbits about my life and family, as well as fitness and healthy eating. I'd still love to actually start doing more outfit and home decor posts, but my blogging has never been just about that, so I wanted to find a name that encompassed my life as a whole. So California To Carolina it back story is that I was living a sunny life in Huntington Beach, California, which I was suddenly plucked from when I fatefully met my true love and we moved across the country to Charleston, South Carolina and started our family. The rest of that is history.

I will note that I've changed my name across much of my social media {as I was able}. Mainly my Instagram account name has changed...but if you were already following, I don't think it will affect will just see a different name! Twitter and Pinterest remain the same...and my Facebook page name and url are currently pending changes {they may never change depending on Facebook, but I will be sure to update links if they do.} So be sure to follow accordingly. Thank you for your continued readership and support!

Design changes will be made if the site ever looks odd for any reason, please bear with me.

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