Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What I Want Wednesday

This is going to be a different take on the typical What I Want Wednesday...while there are many things I crave that are of the materialistic variety...there are a few things I crave a little more.

1. Farrah to sleep through the night every night.
Yeah, I know, she's only just shy of 7 weeks old, so I in no way expect this to happen any time soon. She has actually had a couple long stretches of 6 or 7 hours, which do make me so happy when they happen, but I never expect it to happen often. It will be nice to get back to the days when my sleeping schedule is actually a schedule.

Photo: #sleepingbeauty #farrahmadison We've had a busy day...this #babygirl is pooped :)

2. To Lose 30+ lbs.
This 3rd pregnancy surely did me in. I hate the scale...I hate not fitting into my pre-prego clothes...I hate that all of my hard work has gone down the drain and I'm {again} starting from scratch. I want this weight GONE. I am so impatient, I realize that. But I don't think my feelings on this subject are going to ever change. Just have to keep working out and eating right - stay the course!

Photo: First #postpartum #run this morning followed by a good 10 minute visit by my old friend the #jumprope #cardio #getittight #postpartumfitness

3. My boys to get along more than they fight.
Having a newborn in the house, while a happy and wonderful time, can also be a stressful and exhausting time. Add into the mix two boisterous boys that are constantly bickering and you are ready to down a bottle of wine by the end of the day. And some nights, I do.

A rare get-along moment: Using their imaginations with some big cardboard boxes I threw out in the backyard for them.

Now of course the rest of my "wants" are materialistic in nature.

OK, rant over. xoxo

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