Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday! I for one am glad this week is about over. The first week after a vacation is always the hardest, don't you agree? Here are my five:


Momma got herself an early Christmas gift and it arrived this week. The iPad Air 2! This is my first time owning a tablet! It's about time I got with the times! I am so excited. So many of the apps are better on it. For instance, I never enjoyed My Fitness Pal on my iPhone, but I can totally see myself being on top of it with my iPad. Then of course, there are Pinterest and Instagram - and we all know with pictures, the larger the better.


Speaking of fitness, have you heard of Body Beast? I just ordered it from Beachbody and it should arrive by Monday. It's a weight training program, but looked more my style than p90x. I am excited to start. I even found a bench for a good deal.


Saturday night is my annual Ladies' Xmas Gift Xchange {or as I lovingly call it - LXGX}. It has always been fun to get a large group of girlfriends together and play Dirty Santa to dole out the gifts. It's also a nice chance to catch up with friends as everyone seems so busy these days with work, kids and family, especially during the holidays! Here are a couple of pictures from years past:

Sadly - half of the ladies in this pic have moved away! :-(


My Christmas decorating is pretty much complete. I will admit I was deep down unsure about making the decision to sell all of my blue and silver stuff and change my colors to pink and gold, but I do really love how it's turned out! And it all goes with my pink and yellow accented living room just swimmingly. I even made one of those hanger wreaths the other night!


I always seem to run out of steam once I get to #5... ;-)

Have a happy weekend!

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