Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday - via eCards

Happy Thursday - I can't believe it is exactly TWO WEEKS until Christmas! 2014 just flew by! {I mean, with the exception of the first 4 months of the year when I was ready and waiting for Farrah to arrive.} And wow, THREE weeks until 2015????!!! I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping. I have a couple more people to buy for...and I plan on getting the rest of the kids' things this weekend when Nana takes them for a while to bake Christmas cookies. Farrah is all done because I can shop for her while she's with me...the boys, not so much. My husband has told me not to expect any gifts this year because I just bought an iPad and the Body Beast program...hahaha. He's so lovely sometimes.

Speaking of Body Beast, I am really so pumped this week! I have been consistent and really see myself sticking with it because I LOVE IT. I love weight training, always have. It might sound crazy, but I feel like I can already see changes in my body {I'm sure it's just more how I feel than anything right now, but I'll take it}! I've actually been doing two-a-days all week! Body Beast at 6:30am after taking Tanner to the bus stop and then hitting the gym around 9am or so for either a cardio/HIIT or barre class. Today I actually went there and worked my legs again since today's Body Beast workout was cardio and abs. It sounds like I should be tired, but I tell you, it's only made me more energized. I was in a mental funk the last couple of months, even though I was still working out, but I feel I am finally out of it and ready to get ready for summer!

This one is so true of Body Beast!

I apologize I haven't put out any outfit posts recently. I've been meaning to get back on that. Now that I am finally able to squeeze on a pair of pre-prego skinny jeans {yes!!!}, I'm feeling a little more confident about it. Expect some next week!

I'm looking forward to next week hopefully flying by as fast as this year did because the following Monday, my mom arrives for Christmas! I haven't seen her since we went to NYC this time last year.  Anyway, that's it for Thoughts on Thursday today! Happy Almost Friday Day!

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