Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday! Another weekend is practically here...


Just finished my 5th day in a row of Body Beast, after tomorrow I will have successfully completed week one. Then 11 to go! I am really loving the two-a-days I've been doing as well. I feel like just doing the Body Beast workout may have me missing out on cardio and since I am looking to drop postpartum weight as well as build lean muscle, I think this regimen will definitely help speed up the process. Currently in addition to this program, I have two barre classes, one Cardio Craze {HIIT, much like Insanity} class, two Insanity classes and one day of cardio on my own at the gym each week. I'm already feeling more energized and I love it.


This weekend I get some down time! I will still have Farrah, but Nana is taking the boys for a while on Saturday to make Christmas cookies so I plan on using that time to finalize their Christmas shopping. She is also taking them Sunday evening to a Christmas event, so Jake, Farrah and I plan on taking advantage and getting a nice, quiet meal out.


I just realized it is December and I don't yet have my planner for 2015! This girl can't function without a planner. I have used the Erin Condren Life Planner for two years now, but feel maybe I'm ready for a change. Although I do love their planners. I do have a small binder that I suppose I could get filler paper for, but I also just love something really colorful and cute. Any suggestions?


All of my Christmas cards are addressed and pretty much ready to go. I'm headed to get my Christmas letter printed today so I can stamp them and put them in the mail. Do you send Christmas cards or letters? I shared my Christmas letter the other week, but here it is again in case you missed it:


I'm going to close with this awesome parody of Taylor Swift's Blank Space {btw, I LOVE that song}. I think many of you mommas can relate!

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