Monday, December 22, 2014

{Non-Candy} Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Boys

With two boys under 10, I find myself always wondering what to get them for Christmas...between the two of them, they seemingly have possibly everything they could ever need. Stocking stuffers in particular are a challenge because I try not to give them just a butt-load of candy...but instead some small things that the would like/use. Here are some things they'll find in their stockings this year:

{ Marvel Playing Cards / Candy Cane Chapstick / Lego Minifigures / Magic 8 Ball / Whoopee Cushion }

I don't know about you, but my boys have definitely hit that "everything about farts is funny" stage, so when I randomly happened upon some Whoopee Cushions at the store, I knew they'd make perfect stocking stuffers and would be good for a few laughs.

Breckin, in particular, is really good at card games, especially for just being 4. For the last year, he's been playing War, Uno and Go Fish like a pro. I knew he'd love s pack of his own playing cards with his favorite superheroes on them.

They both are always trying to use my chapstick, so I thought I'd get them each their own...and this candy cane one is perfect for the holidays.

I remember having a Magic 8 Ball as a kid and I loved it. I thought Tanner particularly would get a kick out of this toy.

And of course, Legos are a no-fail gift for my boys. They already have TONS of I can at least appease them by giving them minifigures {that's their favorite part about Legos anyway!}

What are some stocking stuffers you'd recommend for boys?

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