Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week Is Really Getting In The Way of My Week

Wow. It's only Thursday and I'm about ready to throw in the towel on this week. I swear nothing I had planned for myself this week is actually happening as it should.

Sunday, I got myself all motivated to get super-serious about losing the rest of this weight. I meal-prepped and got all hyped up about my workout week. I even purchased an unlimited 30-day package to Charleston Power Yoga so I could go twice a week in addition to my gym schedule {since my Groupon for Bikram Charleston didn't work out...long story}.

Let's start with Monday, shall we? I'd say Monday actually started off well. I did the AM jog with the kids after taking Tanner to school as we waited for the gym daycare to open. Once it was time, I went in and got in a good back/shoulders/ab workout. I was planning to do the 7:15pm hot yoga class that evening, but it started raining cats and dogs and Jake ended up getting home late so that didn't happen.

Tuesday started off rainy, so I couldn't take the kids on our jog and wait for the childcare to open. We ended up having to drive home {which is never good because once I go home, I almost never get a chance to make it back to the gym with the kids - this is why I do it right after school drop-off!} I did do some barre exercises at home while Farrah napped, but I know it wasn't enough.

Wednesday = worst day of this week. I had found a dining table and chairs that was perfect for us. It's a black 60" round tall table that had 6 chairs {we were in desperate need of more seating for guests}. It's a bit large to have it round all the time, so it also folds down to a 46" square. PERFECT. I had arranged for Jake to take Tanner to school and then grab the table since it was in the same neighborhood. I had planned on going to the gym around 8:30 after we got the table set up. I went to back my car up a little in the driveway so when Jake got back we could easily unload everything. NO CRANK. Are you kidding me? Ugh! There went my gym plans...AGAIN. We got the table in the house and then Jake called a coworker to try and jump me so we could see if it might be the battery or alternator. I knew it was the starter because I'm a car kind of gal...but I was praying I was wrong. Because that would mean it needed towed. Well, I was right, so we ended up calling a tow truck. Jake drove us to the auto shop to wait on the Jeep...yes, wait on it with a 4yo and a 4mo. Fun stuff. Luckily, they were both so well-behaved. But of course, the shop couldn't get to it right away or promise it'd be done by the time I needed to pickup Tanner, so we ended up getting picked up by Enterprise to rent a car for the day. We picked up Tanner, went to pick up his new pair of eyeglasses {his first pair!} and then went home. I got the call that my Jeep was done, so I went to pick it up and left the rental car at the shop until Jake could get home so we could go return it. Of course that was not until 6:30pm and oh yeah, I had planned on going to hot yoga again at 7:15pm, so AGAIN, that was a bust. I drank a lot of Merlot that night.

And that brings us to today...I'm headed to an Insanity class at the gym at 5pm. Good Lord, I need a good workout. And I'm planning to make up my two missed yoga classes tomorrow and Sunday. That is, if no more ridiculous crap gets in my way! At this rate, I'll never lose the weight!
{I had a lot of "bad" workouts this week}
But I'm not going to let it keep me down...just going to keep on truckin' and put on a good face. In all reality, this is all small stuff and things could always be worse. Just have to stay the course and keep focused. I will say {with the exception of the emergency Merlot}, I have been keeping to a clean diet this week as ONE thing did go right! I think the added stress helped me drop a pound. Success!! {Just kidding.}

Ever just had a week all planned out and NOTHING seemed to go as planned? If you're still with me after this rant, I gotta say I love you.

Thoughts for Thursday

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