Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seven Things Tuesday {Because I Couldn't Think Of 10}

This picture of my little Farr-y Princess {see what I did there?} and me has become my current favorite:

If you haven't tried these Triscuits, you are seriously missing out. Soooo freakin' yum.


I just ordered this gorgeous beach cover-up {these are a MUST when you live at the beach, of course!} Can't wait to wear it next summer...great price too.

Dip Dye Chiffon Maxi Cardigan

Also from the same site, couldn't resist ordering this top. I have been eying it for a while, so I knew I liked it enough that I just needed to go ahead and order it - again, GREAT price for a sweet and unique top!

Cut Out Crochet Top

{I hope I can do it as much justice as Andee does.}

I am loving the hot yoga classes I've been taking. And I didn't even realize it in class, but my core is being worked so hard. I went Sunday and Monday night and my abs are soooo sore. But a good sore. So are many other trouble areas. I bought an unlimited 30-day package, but I may be keeping this up as a regular weekly or bi-weekly thing. I go again tomorrow.


Speaking of working out, I did Cardio Craze at the gym this morning. My girl, Nicole, teaches a mean class...this class definitely rivals any Insanity video I've done. HIIT is not for the faint of heart. My ass hurt for a week after I took her class a couple weeks ago! But that being said, I think I need to buckle down soon and surrender to a full round of Insanity, not just the workouts here and there when I can't get to the gym.

I'm looking to build up Farrah's storybook collection. A lot of the ones I had from the boys are pretty well-loved, so I wanted to get her a fair amount of new ones to mix in. Any recommendations of good ones I might now know about or have?


OK, so....Happy Tuesday!

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