Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been a busy one. I'll just get right into it.


If you saw my posts earlier this week, you know that we celebrated Farrah's 1st birthday on Saturday with a rainbow-themed bash.

It was bittersweet, definitely. My baby girl, my last baby, is not going to be a "baby" much longer. She will be toddling before I know it.


In addition to already being emotional about her big milestone, on Monday I was hit with Breckin's Pre-K graduation {Lord, please take it easy on me, geez!} Breckin was fantastic...he is such a crowd-pleaser and definitely stole the show. The audience was completely tickled by him and his antics on stage. He is such a cute little guy with an awesome personality.

Oh my God...tears in my eyes...I was so glad I was able to snap such an amazing picture of him on his way to the stage. Now onto Kindergarten. {Cue more tears here...of the crocodile variety.}


So with Farrah having turned one, that also means it marked one year of me working to lose the 57 lbs I gained with her. I'm still sitting at a lb shy of pre-baby weight {and holding, apparently} but I know the body works in interesting ways and I've been putting on muscle mass lately, so it's going to not show a change in the scale so much, but it will show a difference in inches. I'm feeling good in my clothes and I'm back in a bikini. This is where I'm at a year later.

I've got work to do, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished because I knew where I started and it was a big feat in front of me at that time. Third baby and in my thirties...I guess it's true what they say {at least for me}.


I'm finally going to clear my garage of my pile of  "stuff to sell" and have a yard sale tomorrow. I think I'm going to have mimosas ready to go because it is so sit out there for five hours. I hope it's a good day and that it ends up being worth it. I am making myself take the leftovers to Goodwill this matter what it is. It all just needs to go...I hate clutter and I know how I feel when it's all gone is worth way more than what I could ever sell it it shall be donated at the very least.

But I swear I take things in as fast as I clean things out. I found this gorgeous antique vanity {I have wanted one to makeover forever}. I am picking it up this weekend and I think I am going to paint it white and give it some updated hardware. It is gorgeous, isn't it?


Farrah had her one year check up at the doctor yesterday...she's still at the 97th percentile in both height and weight and holding. She was happy and playful all throughout the appointment until it was time for shots {I always hate that part, but I don't know who doesn't.}

This morning was sad for me because I gave her her last bottle of was sad to look at her so sweet, cradled in my arms and eating...I'm going to miss that. But she's been doing great with the transition to milk...yesterday she had no formula at all and did incredibly well. I am going to be feeding her primarily table foods now, rather than baby food.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I hope to get some pool or beach time for sure!

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