Thursday, December 27, 2012

And So The Holidays Are Over...

Are any of y'all just a teensy bit relieved the holidays are over? {Minus New Year's of course.} Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays {though truthfully I could do without Thanksgiving} and all the fun events leading up to, but it is a LOT of work, especially with two little boys to do it up right for.
But I am glad to say good-bye to all the gift-shopping, the obligatory children's events, the holiday baked goods, the candy, the decorations that have been overtaking my home {took those down yesterday!} and just get back to life as normal...and start a new year.
Bright and early this morning, I drove to the airport and said goodbye to my mom who had been visiting since a couple days before Christmas. It's always sad to see her go because it is way too long between visits for us. But with that being the official end of the holidays at my household, I decided to start the day off right by getting the house cleaned up before my munchkins awoke and then after breakfast, we all went to the gym. {Hubby is back at work already, but I am off until January 2nd.} It felt so good to be back in there, I have been too lax the last couple months, aside from my running. And when you add in all the holiday calorie-filled delights and wine, well, that scale needle is now leaning a little too far to the right for my comfort. Both hubby and I have resolved to get our asses back in gear.
So I'm spending the next six days off of work enjoying my boys and playing with them and their new toys, getting some things in my house cleaned and organized, hitting the gym every day and getting some distance run training in {that half marathon is fast-approaching...and I am not quite ready...}
It will be good to get a lot of things back on track before getting back into the daily grind next Wednesday.
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