Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday post is coming a bit later than usual...had to be at the gym for my shift bright and early this AM {4:30!!!} and then I took a barre class when I got off at 8:00. With all the festivities this past weekend, I just didn't have a chance to put a post together.

How was y'all's St. Patty's weekend? I have to say I can't complain, even though we were busy, I felt like it was pretty low-key. Unfortunately Hubby had to serve his USCG Reserve weekend though. The boys and I started out Saturday with the beach - Charleston was in the 70s this weekend! We met my friend Chrissy and her husband Doug out there. It was pretty breezy, so it was hard to lay out, and with my boys running all over the place it got a little crazy. We lasted a couple hours and then we headed home. Later, I went with Chrissy to Poe's on Sullivan's Island. {This island town is always going off on St. Patty's Day!} We ran into many people we knew, enjoyed some beers and just had a good time.

Sorry for the low-quality pic, my iPhone has no flash! Ugh. #timetoupgrade

On Sunday, the boys and I bustled around town running errands, then I was so excited to finally see my friends David, Taylor and their baby Cruze who all had been living in Hungary for just about a year now...I was so glad to finally be able to meet her baby!

From Left: Taylor, Me & Coco - REUNITED!
 It was so good to see them doing well as a new family with a new baby. Cruze was just darling.

Here's my St. Patty's Day outfit:

Hope y'all had a great weekend! xoxo

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