Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Things

Happy Friday! Fridays used to mean so much more to me when I was working outside of the I am a SAHM and to me, it's just another day. Another day of refereeing, chasing my boys, changing diapers, making bottles, trying to find time in the chaos for a workout and smiling through my teeth as I grin and bare it to try to make it look so easy and fun, even when it's stressful. Parts of it of course are very fun...cute giggles, smiling faces and conversations with my kids never cease to make me happy.

But anyway, on with my Friday Five!

Farrah is 11 weeks old today! One more week until I can start taking her to the gym childcare...which means a week from now, my workout time will be a bit more regular, unlike the scattered "when I can find time to fit it in during the day" routine it is now. I'm going to love a little scheduled time I can dedicate to myself and my sanity...and two words: barre class. She has also started letting me put headbands on her {finally!} She used to scream and cry when I put them on her and it wouldn't last longer than a minute. As my first and only girl...I was not going to have that. "You WILL wear adorable and ridiculously-sized headbands! I waited my whole life for this!" I would tell her. And this rainbow outfit...I can't even...

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer debuted yesterday and I am excited to get a girl or two together to make a girls' night of it. I first need to finish the books...I'm only half way into book two and I had lost steam before Farrah was born.

Cooked up another round of veggies for the next couple of days...and doing more chicken and sweet potatoes is so nice to be at home now instead of work because I don't know how well I could keep up with the meal prep otherwise. I like having some time during the day to get it accomplished, rather than at night when I'm doing dinner, baths and bedtime with the kids. Here is what I made last night -very simple - recipe is on my fitness blog, The Gym Bunny, where I'm chronicling my postpartum weightloss progress.

Jake and I are headed to the OAR concert tonight on Daniel Island. We are so due for a night out. We pretty much see them every year when they do a show here. It's one of Jake's all-time favorite bands.  This year Phillip Phillips is also performing.

Now that I'm getting back in the gym more regularly and my body is ready for regular lifting again, I've been very inspired by Erin Stern and the workouts she has on YouTube. Her videos have been very informative and show me even more options for strength-training. If you're into weight lifting, and you should be, I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page and YouTube. How can you not be inspired by her body and her dedication?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! xo

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