Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

Thoughts for ThursdayLovely Thursdays

I'm sitting up this morning at 5am...just fed Farrah her early morning bottle and listening to Tropical Storm Arthur pass through. I'm debating on doing my Insanity workout now or later. It's going to be one of those rainy days. Normally I take the boys to Karate camp on Thursdays, but I think in the interest of not having to drive around today {still sort of a nervous driver after our car accident last month}, we're going to make a day of it. Popcorn and some movies, art projects {I still need to get back working on my paintings so I can sell them in my Etsy shop!}...just sort of relax before the busy holiday weekend.

No big plans for 4th of July...we've got a couple of parties to stop in at and then we will watch fireworks from Jake's parents' backyard. It just makes it so much easier with the kids, especially having a newborn this year. What are your holiday plans?

In other news...I've been a little loose with the spending lately {thank you, Geico} and I thought I should let you know, if you don't already, that Kate Spade is having a 25% off sale on already on sale items. Use code MORESALE. I just put this bag into my shopping cart...such a cute diaper bag and could totally be used as a big purse after Farrah is out of diapers! Originally $318.00, but with 25% off the sale price, I'm snagging it for $134.25!$_35.JPG

Also, thanks to Megan at For All Things Lovely, I'm currently waiting for this top to arrive...

I know it will look a lot better on me once I've lost the baby weight than it will right now, but I couldn't resist. I love Aztec patterns, if you remember from my post about Emily Maynard's sweater cardigan last year, and the colors in this are amazing.

OK, I officially need a little spending break.

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