Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Musings

I woke up today to my baby not feeling her best...she is still sweet as ever, but she's a bit stuffy and snotty {}. I can't tell if it's a little baby cold or if it's allergies {which I'm beginning to suffer from...I will be like this for the next 2 months}. She woke up just after 6am and didn't eat much...felt a little warm, so I gave her some infant Tylenol, she then played a little bit and went back down to rest just after 8. We're definitely going to have an "off" day today.

Anyway, the weekend was low-key. We went to Jake's parents' house yesterday to watch the Packer game and of course the whole family dressed in their Packers attire.

And they won! I said Farrah being in a Packers tee for the first time was the good luck charm for them.

Sometimes I can easily forget that Tanner is almost 9 and I'll often talk to him like he's a bit younger than he is...but then he goes and does something like asking to feed the baby, and I realize my boy is growing up and wanting more responsibility. One day, we'll have a built-in babysitter!

And Farrah just adores him. She gets so giddy when she sees him and he is so good about talking to her and making her laugh.

I think for the first time in my life I am eager for Daylight Savings to end...this has just been an "off" summer. Having a baby in May can sort of put a damper on beach plans {and beach wear!} and I am just looking forward to working hard through the winter and making up for this summer next summer. My main reason for wanting the time change is so I can run at 5am in the morning before I have to get Tanner up and ready to head off to school. I enjoy jogging with the kids in the jogging stroller, but it's not really challenging me to be a better runner. It will be nice to have that solo time to just take in the sunrise and be lost in my thoughts. Right now it's still a bit too dark at 5am for me to run.

I've also got to get back into doing some local races. They definitely help keep me motivated. I usually do the Turkey Day 5K every year here in Charleston, but this year we will be in Myrtle Beach, so I plan to do the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Turkey Trot. They have a 5K and 8K option, so I think I'm going to go ahead and do the 8K, which is just about 5 miles. So for now, at least that gives me something to "train" for.

Headed to barre class later this morning and then hot yoga this evening. I am in need of a good stretch! Happy Monday, y'all! Have a great week!

Oh, and I finally got around to getting pictures of Farrah's nursery this week! Look for that reveal on Wednesday!

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