Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings

If you stopped by my blog late last week, you may have noticed some changes were made. Yep, that's right..even though I love a good sunset/sunrise, I took it down and turned it into this:

But I'm just realizing that if you're reading my blog right now, I didn't really need to post that picture because you're obviously already seeing it... #blondemoment

Speaking of blonde moments...I did ask y'all last week whether I should stay blonde or go brunette...and well, the verdict is: Go Brunette.

{Sort of fuzzy, but this pic is from when I went really brunette two years ago...and my Tundra is in this picture!}

I am currently still blonde...but pretty sure I'm going to make the big change this week when I find a good free moment. I think brunette is just best for fall/winter...and plus, brunette is more my hubby's taste.

Anywho...on to this past weekend's events! We actually had a pretty darn good weekend. Friday night was my neighborhood wine club's wine night of the month and oh man, it got a little craaaaaazzy up in there. {This tends to happen when a bunch of moms get relieved of kid duty for the evening.} We had us a little dance part-ay pretty much and I may or may not have done the choreography from Britney Spears' Baby One More Time video {oh yes, I know it} when that song came on...I'm a still a little fuzzy...but I'm sure this picture is proof.

Yep, that'd be me, in all my Rainbow Brite glory. Oh yes, I forgot to mention we decided to make it a costume party in spirit of Halloween...I don't typically dress as a rainbow-legged and -armed streetwalker and party with nurses. {Hope y'all checked out my DIY Mother/Daughter Rainbow Brite costumes post on Friday...}

Jake had to work USCG all weekend, but when he got home on Saturday, we all went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Breckin is such a salt-lover...always mooching off our margaritas.

And he actually got off USCG early on Sunday, so he, Farrah and I went to a bar called The Rusty Rudder and watched the Packers/Panthers game. {Tanner and Breckin were with Nana & Papa at the pumpkin patch, so it was a nice little break.}

After we picked up the boys, we spent some time playing in the backyard...

And then it was time to get ready for the Monday ahead.

Hope y'all have a great week!

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