Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hot Decor: Sea Urchins & Coral Reef

I've been a beach-lover my entire life. I wasn't fortunate to grow up in a beach town, but I sure as H-E-double-hockey-sticks made sure I got to livin' the beach life the minute I turned 18 by choosing an Orange County, CA college. And here I am now in Charleston, SC; still lucky enough to be close enough to smell the salty ocean air.

In keeping with my beach infatuation, I've always loved coastal-inspired decor...seashells, starfish, tropical flowers, driftwood, etc...but there are some pieces I've been seeing turn up many times over the last year in this little blogosphere that I don't yet have...{and boy am I coveting}:


I love the brass sea urchins I see everywhere - bookshelves, coffee tables, centerpieces, mantels - they are just a beautiful statement piece.

I haven't had the pleasure of hanging out with Chassity in a few years {life tends to pull you in different directions, especially when kids enter the picture}, but her blog is a daily read for me. She's a style maven and I enjoy seeing her latest style finds. If you don't already follow, head over there and check her out.

She is the proud owner of a lovely little brass sea urchin {which she WON - so lucky!} I love how she used it in her decor:



I love the styling of this bookcase over at The Cuban in My Coffee {see the little urchin to the right?} You don't even have to have a coastal scheme going on to implement one of these little guys into your decor:

Use it as a centerpiece in a tray or on a coffee table...or stick it on top of a stack of cute books {see that pretty ivory coral? I'll be getting to those in a sec...}:

You can buy your own brass sea urchin here {you know you want one}:


In addition to sea urchins, I love the bright faux corals I've also seen lately. They bring in a nice pop of color. I do like the ivory versions too.

Display it on a bookshelf...even on a candle pillar like this:


Much like the sea urchin, a great book topper to add visual interest...and a pop of color if you so choose:


And check out this super-cool coral bowl I found at Houzz...sweetness:

And because I'm super-nice...I hunted around for some good deals on faux coral...just for YOU!

These lovelies are from ZGallerie:

Get these beauties at Pottery Barn:

Or these are available at ZGallerie in the following colors:

I'm kinda feelin' the indigo one...xoxo!

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