Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend {Meet Our Newest Family Members}

This weekend had an early start - a 5am run on Saturday (had to do it before hubby left for USCG duty!) and then I got my boys up and ready to hit a few yard sales. I was hoping to find some great furniture to DIY into something spectacular, but I had no such luck. The yard sales were pretty barren...not a lot to offer. I suppose it's hit or miss typically. However, I did manage to get a great deal on some blank canvases! I got seven 8x10s and one 16x20 for a total of $5.00. Not too shabby at all.

The one big find we did come across was a used 20-gal fish tank with a brand new filter included. It was in great shape. Over the last few weeks, I had actually been thinking about getting a fish tank for the boys, but was hesitant due to the start up costs. But I got this set-up for $20.00:

This is of course after I scrubbed it down with soapy water and Windex'd all the glass inside and out. All we had to do was go buy a few starter fish and some food. {Tanner and Breckin were so excited to pick out fish, it was so cute.}

Here's Tanner - Feeding his new pet fish for the first time:

Their names are Mellow Yellow, Firefly & Sugarplum. {I'll let you guess which is which.}

We plan on adding more to the family in a couple weeks...the pet store employee recommended starting with no more than three and introducing more in a couple weeks.

The previous owners gave me this stand with the aquarium:

But I've chosen not to use it with it...I'm actually envisioning some sort of makeshift bar cart...just needs a little TLC {Maybe a couple coats of spray paint in a bright, fun color? I'm loving the ones at Society Social right now - if you haven't checked out their most recent Magalog yet, you simply must}:


...and I'm also thinking I could get a piece of glass for the top to have a flat surface...anyway we shall see what it ends up as.

I recently discovered {via Pinterest} my new favorite go-to website for healthy meal planning - Skinny Taste. The recipes look simply scrumptious and I tried out one this weekend {and we have more planned for the week}. Saturday we had Grilled Chicken with Spinach & Mozzarella. 


It turned out sooooo good {any time the hubby approves of a super-healthy dish, it's a winner}. Here's a picture of mine:

Our Sunday started off with another Skinny Taste recipe - PB+J Yogurt. When I was skimming the site the other day, I saw this and knew the boys would eat it right up...and that they did. Plus, the ingredients are ones we keep in the house all the time and it's easy to make. I substituted almonds for the peanuts though.


Then we had a lazy morning of playing out in the backyard {Daddy built this fort for the boys}:

I managed to get to Target for some essentials {aren't all things at Target essential?} and clean house a little bit during Breckin's nap. We had a big thunderstorm roll in, so our original pool plans got foiled.

Daddy came home from USCG duty and we had a nice {and healthy} meal that I found in All You's latest issue...Black Bean, Corn & Shrimp Salad. It was as good as it looks.


After the boys went to bed, Jake and I settled in with a couple glasses of wine to relax before getting back to the grind.

How was your weekend?

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