Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Making of a Picture Gallery

Some of you may know, I used to have a blog called [just had] A Bright Idea where I focused mostly on interior design & decor and some DIY-ing. When I started Style Oyster, I wanted to incorporate those things along with my love of fashion and all things, well, stylish. Unfortunately, leaving that blog for a new url posed it's challenges. I lost the readers I had acccumulated over the 6 months of having the blog as well as the content...but wait, that content is NOT lost! Thanks to Blogger, I was able to move it over to Style Oyster. However, it was a little outdated (the wording in some, etc.) and of course the pictures were all tagged with my JHABI logo (and a few with even older blog logos than that! I had some name change issues...) I am putting this paragraph here as a preface to these posts because even though they are from the past, they are still projects that took a long time and are dear to my heart and I didn't want to lose them when I officially take my old blog off the Internet. So I apologize to those of you who have followed me since [just had] A Bright Idea, as you will be experiencing some deja vu, but I know some of you are new and this may all be new content to you. So bear with me, I plan on posting these once a week until they are all on Style Oyster. Thank you so much, and I do hope you enjoy. xoxo


As you might know, I have been working hard on redecorating my living room over the last few months. It is mostly complete, but many of the walls were left bare as the artwork I had up previously did not go with the new color scheme.

However, the largest wall space, which is above the couch, was left completely bare. I spent weeks searching Pinterest for inspiration. I knew I wanted to put together a wall gallery. I also went to buy various white frames as I mostly had black and brown. I definitely wanted the white to help make my overall color scheme really "pop".

Once I had an assortment of frames and the pictures I wanted to use, I spent some time rearranging the frames on the floor until I had an arrangement I liked. (I recommend doing this before nailing holes in the wall and then changing your mind.)

After I had the arrangement set up how I liked it, I went to putting it on the wall. The mirror was already on the wall, so I used that as my center. In the end, I ended up with this:

It's a tad off from the original plan, but I still love it. Here is a wider view of this portion of the room:

So what do you think? (And hey, you just got a pretty big peek at how the living room is starting to look!) Oh, psst...I got the frames from Walmart and Target (always good deals to be found!)

I plan on adding to it as time goes on...but this is definitely a nice start and it already makes a huge difference in the space. I hated staring at that empty wall every day.

I'm so excited about how this room is turning out! Have you got a nice gallery wall to share? Post a link in your comment!

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Christa @ Controlling Craziness said...

Looks great. I like how the pink and yellow frames go well with those pillows. I really like those pillows. Great match!

Terry said...

I really like hoe everything works together and I this you could even add more things over time. Great job!

eklatt said...

I'm in the middle of working on my gallery wall for my stairway and it's a lot tricker than I thought it would be but I love how you used the medallion as your center point. Very cool idea! It turned out great!



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