Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tanner's Room Moodboard

You may remember from this post, that we were coming up on the time to move Breckin from a crib to a twin size bed {which I did this past weekend}. Since Tanner is now using our former master bedroom queen-size bed, we are using his old twin bed for Breckin {love saving money like that!}

Jake and I had pulled it out of storage and found that he had {not so smartly} placed a too-heavy item on it while it was in there and it cracked part of the base that holds in the 3 drawers on bottom. Handy hubby was thankfully able to repair it and make it even sturdier.

With the transition of Tanner's old bed going to Breckin's room, we are also using the same super-cute Target bedspread that Tanner was using when the bed was his. Still relatively new and in great condition. Which means, a lot of Tanner's decor {lamps, rug, curtain, etc.} will be moving to Breckin's room once the bed gets repaired and set up in there. And that means, Tanner is going to need some new decor to replace those things! Since I love the surfer/beach theme {will be using it in both boys' rooms} and Tanner's room was already surf-themed, I am going to go with some nautical-inspired decor for the space.

I created this mood board to show you where my mind is going with this:

1/2/3/4/5. Our Huntington Beach picture/6. My old Cali License Plate/7

Can't wait to get it all finished for him! It seems so much more mature...my little boy is growing up!
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Anonymous said...

You def got the mood. Before I read the post I thought it was a great surf theme.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Glad you stopped by!


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