Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pink Puffer & Plaid

It has been getting colder here in Charleston lately. Last night dipped down into the high teens/low 20s! Had to leave the faucets dripping and make sure the kids had extra warm jammies and blankets! I have however loved dressing in extra layers. I found this puffer vest at Belk after Christmas {right now it's on sale and comes in a lot of fun colors - a great fit! I may get a couple more colors myself!} It's made of down material and is very comfy. The collar doesn't come too high and I love that. I got the Minnetonka moccassin boots barely-used for a great price...y'all know I love my brown triple-layer fringe these were a no-brainer purchase for me. But I could easily see myself pairing this same outfit with my Morgan boots from Target, or my black Ugg look-a-likes from Old Navy.

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