Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Bit Meshy

I think I'm pretty much convinced I need a set of white mesh dining chairs. Hubby and I are revamping our kitchen and a new dining set is on our "To Find" list. We don't have a lot of space as we don't have a separate dining room, so we are looking at finding a round table (hoping for the perfect Craigslist find that I can paint white) and for the chairs, I just keep coming back to the mesh look as my favorite:


I don't know quite what it is, maybe it's the kid-friendly appeal? I know that the steel will be sturdy enough to withstand my boys' abuse.


The chairs above remind me a little bit of nature, kind of tree or deer antler-like. 


Most of all, I think it's the light-hearted, playful vibe they give off. Some dining rooms can seem far too formal or serious, which can be nice, but I'm a momma of two rowdy little boys, so who would I be kidding? Can't wait to find the perfect set.

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