Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dirty 30 Bucket List Update - 1/2 Year To Go

I am 6 months away from {gulp} 30. {Note to Hubby if you are reading [which you aren't]: Start planning my party!}

I created this bucket list 3 months ago and shared it here with you...time for a little update...{basically not a ton has changed, I just desperately needed to publicize it again so as to hopefully light a fire under my ass.} So here it is:

1. Run a Half Marathon {Scheduled for October 21st, 2012 in Myrtle Beach} Common sense came upon me and I realized that training for this during July/August/September in the South when I'm not already a seasoned runner is just plain cray-cray. I've still got the goal and just re-started my training on 10/1 to run the Charleston 1/2 Marathon in January.
2. Start Selling My Art - seriously need to find the time to paint because I really want to do this. I have been seeking inspiration lately and plan to get going with my first collection hopefully in time for Christmas.
3. Take a Stab at Photography {and get a nice DSLR camera} & Start a Portfolio - Plan to purchase DSLR in December...lots o' dollars coming my way soon. Yippee!
4. Lose 15 lbs - Um yeah, still working on this.
5. Take a Long Weekend Getaway - Just Hubby & Me
6. Take Jake & The Boys to Idaho to Visit My Family {Happening 7/21-8/8!}
7. Finish Redecorating the House - Work in progress, but a lot accomplished since this list was first made!
8. Start {and Keep} A Vegetable/Fruit Garden - Spring plans...
9. Take My Sons to Pick Up Litter on the Beach
10. Rediscover My Inner Dancer and Take Classes Again - Have been hitting barre, but need to dance!
11. Find the Courage to Sing in Front of a Group of People
12. Volunteer at My Church
13. Start Training for a Full Marathon {and maybe run one if I'm ready and can find one before my birthday} - I need to get the half done in January...then start working toward this.
14. Have My Blog Reach 1,000+ Followers {You can help me with this one! Spread the love!}
15. Take A Cooking Class
16. Take a Girls' Weekend Trip
17. Complete a Round of Insanity - Did like 1/4 of a round a few weeks back...started again this week.
18. Complete a Round of Insanity: Asylum Vol. 1 - Will have to finish #17 first.
19. Get a Family Pet That Tanner Can Learn to Care For We got some fish (8)! And just got a new Siberian Husky {which I have to care for, Tanner helps}
20. Take the Boys to LegoLand - In planning stage
21. Find the Courage to Let Go of the Clothes in My Closet I Truly Don't Need Anymore - Garage sale last weekend!
22. Give My Husband a Wonderful 35th Birthday
23. Quit Drinking Diet Rockstars/Energy Drinks - I don't want to talk about it. #failingmiserably
24. Take a "Brothers" Picture of Tanner & Breckin At Least Once A Month
25. Get Professional Family Pictures Taken {Preferably Once in the Fall & Again in Spring}
26. Open an IRA {Don't worry, Hubby does have an account through USCG! I'd just like to help out too.}
27. Start a Ladies Fitness Group/Boot Camp - Got the Facebook Group for other Lowcountry gals started, but need to do some meeting up!
28. Find a Hairstyle/Color that I Love and Can Maintain
29. Monetize My Blog
30. Find out I'm preggers with #3...? {This is a big maybe, but definitely want it to happen by 30 if it's going to!}

So, some of this is date-specific, which is out of my control, but there are a few other things I've lost sight of since I created this, so I'm glad I pulled it back out so I can get myself in check. Hope to come back in another 3 months with a {more accomplished} update!
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