Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fit Pregnancy

So I've been feeling a little funny lately...

For some reason, I have been getting asked fairly often lately whether or not Jake and I are going to have another baby. It's so random that everyone seems to be asking this at the same, friends, coworkers...I mean why all of them at once and why now? I mean, didn't I JUST have one...{ok, so it was over two years ago...haha.}

Well, here's my official answer:

1. Yes, I want a baby girl.
2. No, I do not want to go through another pregnancy, or at least the postpartum weightloss part again.

So that got me to thinking...obviously, another baby would mean another pregnancy. Am I ready to handle getting "fat" again? Will I be able to discipline myself enough to make the best food choices and keep up exercising throughout the pregnancy in order to keep the postpartum damages to a minimum?

With Tanner, I was young {22}. I was good about walking a lot...usually on the beach while Jake played beach volleyball. I didn't have a gym membership since we had moved from California mid-pregnancy and I didn't want to start one up again until I had him. I gained 30 lbs. I was back into shape without much effort on my part by 6-8 weeks postpartum. After that, toning up was a lot of gym work and strolls with Tanner. But I love working out, so it was no problem.

With was not quite as easy. I gained roughly 45 lbs with that boy {though I did weigh a good bit less pre-pregnancy than I did with Tanner, so it probably about evened out}. I remember "showing" almost immediately after the positive pregnancy test. I tried my best to pack healthy meals and snacks for work, but sometimes cravings got the best of me. I tried to walk on lunch breaks every day, or even hit the gym for a good 30-45 min at that time. I started getting a lot of hip and joint pain in the 2nd trimester and it scared me. I would walk for 20 min and feel like I might go into labor or something. So I got a lot lazier about exercising than I ever imagined I would. And I remember being angry and depressed that I had to push myself to workout like crazy after I had him (even did Insanity at 2 mos pp)...much of the weight just didn't want to come off on its own. (At least not fast enough for me.)

So a 3rd pregnancy? What would that mean? Would it be even worse? I hope my determination and lessons learned can keep that from happening.


I have a few goals BEFORE getting pregnant again...

1. Get completely back on a good schedule of hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. (Just about there, finally worked out a good time in the day to get it done...staying focused.)
2. Complete a round of Insanity.
3. Train (currently doing so) and run a half marathon (scheduled January 2013).

I feel if I have those things accomplished, it will be that much easier to keep up the routine. And I hope that my hips and other joints would let me continue a moderate workout routine time I won't scare myself with the funny pains (unless doc orders of course). I've been blessed enough to have two healthy pregnancies and full-term babies.

What about you? Are you pregnant now? Do you plan to be? What are your workout goals for pregnancy?


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