Thursday, October 25, 2012

Target: Dining Chairs

So thanks to my post about mesh dining table chairs, I have been relentlessly perusing the Internet to find just the right ones at a reasonable price. And then I happened upon all of these beauties {at Target, no less!}

These chevron ones might be my fave, would totally play well into our new gray/white/black kitchen {aslo available in black and white}:

Target - $179.99 for 2

The trellis look is also very chic...I think this pattern is playful, yet classy:
Target - $179.99 for 2

 This trellis pattern gives off a nice formal vibe:
Target - $179.99 for 2

And well, sorry, but when I see zebra stripes, I simply can't resist {wonder if the hubby will go for it? Would totally match the zebra stripe chargers I just purchased from Hobby Lobby!}:
Target - 199.99 for 2

These are more fitting with the style I was going for, sans the mesh...but they look sturdy, clean and they are stackable if I ever need to make room - great price too:

Target - $79.99 for 2

I could definitely see these ones at a long dining table for a Christmas dinner...very chic and formal:

Target - 199.99 for 2

In true Target fashion, all of these chairs are stylish and affordable. Couldn't help but share them with you! xoxo

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