Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Series: Bread & Butter

I am continuing on with my Thankful series for Thanksgiving today... I am so thankful my husband and I both have a jobs...and a decent-paying ones at that. With our current economic state, there are so many people out there struggling to put food on the table, pay their mortgages or are just barely getting by. Some have lost their jobs and are still looking for new ones...which are slim pickin's at the moment.

Sometimes it feels as though we'll have a couple months where we're living paycheck to paycheck, but for the most part, we have plenty...with a little leftover for non-essential items...such as home decor and my wardrobe {hubby considers non-essential, not me}. We can be ungrateful at time and complain that we don't have enough for this and that...but truly, we are in such a good position compared to many...and I like to sit back like this and actually gain real perspective on realize how blessed we truly are.

My job can be a drag sometimes...and I know my husband's job requires a lot of hard labor at times...but I am so glad we have paychecks coming in on the regular. It's nice that we know where are next meal is coming from, as I know some aren't so lucky, and my heart hurts for them.


So today, I know it's Monday and you are probably sitting at your desk with a case of "the Mondays", but try to instead be grateful for having that desk. xoxo


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