Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beach, Bikini Season and Florida Vacay

I'm happy to report that after my post yesterday on Tanner, he did have a much better attitude by the time I picked him up after school. I took the boys to the beach last night to watch Daddy play volleyball at the was also my first time taking Sugar with us and she was so well-behaved!

Here she is helping them make sandcastles:




I try to get out there with the boys at least one weeknight per week since Jake plays volleyball there on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

We are headed to Florida in just over 3 weeks to go to Disney World and Legoland and I really need to get my butt in gear to look good in a bikini whilst I lounge at the resort pool. I've been working out a lot, but I think that changing some of my eating and drinking habits is what is going to be the most effective. I eat pretty well most days, but I definitely am not hard enough on myself as I should be. I need to be a little more strict and less complacent. I also need to cut out alcohol for a little bit. {I think those daily glasses of wine are beginning to add up. Ha.} I've been making our dinners from a site called Skinny Taste. I've mentioned that site on here before. I mostly stick to fish, turkey and chicken recipes - not much of a red meat eater. Other than that, I've been buying a lot of fresh and organic produce to snack on, and staying away from sugary, processed foods. I tell you, since starting to read The Honest Life by Jessica Alba this past week, I had a whole change in mindset while at the grocery store on my last trip - and I typically buy pretty healthy anyway! But there are a lot of chemicals that are disguised with "healthy" packaging that I never really thought about before. I highly recommend her book.

I suppose if I can't get myself bikini-ready, I could always sport something like this:

Show Stopper, black and white

Super-cute, right? I am bikini-ready {with the exception of a tan}, but I definitely could work a little harder. I mean, I am 30 now - no more messin' around!

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