Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well, This Is Random

I kinda haven't been here mentally this least on the blog anyway...I've got all these half-finished posts in the waiting and when it comes another day for another post, I'm hardpressed. I think it's because ever since last week, I've had to get used to actually working in an office now and not from home. Yep, that's right...that has ended. But it's good, it means I finally get to jump into my new position full force {it has been 3 months since I've been hired after all!} So in continuing with my non-interestingness {like how I just made that shit up? Yeah I do that.} here's a post full of all things random for you.

First off, since we're talking about my days now being spent in my downtown Charleston office, here's how Monday looked this week:

Yep, she's a cutie, huh? And I get to take her to the office with me since I'm in there by myself. {Hey, gives me SOMETHING to talk to...} Only problem, she demands to nap on my lap as you can see here...and it proves difficult sometimes, especially because she keeps getting bigger {imagine that}. The office is perfect though because they just finished a cute little park right outside of it that looks over the ocean, so I have somewhere to take her for "breaks".

In other news, I have two new posts on Skinny Mom that I forgot to let you know about!

1. 6 DIY Spring Cleaning Products
2. Give your mom a workout buddy for Mother's Day

Check them out, I also recommend becoming a fan/follower of the site - lots of great info and resources. I'm so proud to be a part of it!

In following up on my fitness slump post last week, I am happy to report I've been kicking ass so far this week. On Monday, I got to the gym a little earlier than my shift started {so, like 4am} so I could knock out some cardio on the elliptical. And then I set off the fire alarm and nearly had an episode of bulimia due to nerves and an adrenalin-spike. Yesterday, I hit a Spin class after dropping the boys off at school before I had to head to work. Today, I did the cardio thing again before my gym shift early this AM and I've got an evening barre class lined up on the schedule. Sometimes I just need a kick in the ass with some self-deprecating blog post.

Well, so that's all I've got for today. I promise to be more interesting soon...those half-finished posts, well, they're doozies. {You're sooo on the edge of your seat, aren't you?}

Happy Wednesday/Hump Day!

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