Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where Does Unconditional Love Come From?

As I sit here "patiently" waiting for this last four weeks of pregnancy to pass, it suddenly becomes clear to me what unconditional love really is...and why their simply is no greater love than that of a mother's for her children.

This past 36 weeks has had it's ups and downs, but honestly, mostly downs! Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to be pregnant and to be bringing my second child into this world. I know he will bring so much joy to our family. I also don't take it for granted that there are many women out there who yearn for their own children but are unable to conceive, and it absolutely breaks my heart. I know how lucky I am, and I never let myself forget it.

I realize that there have been so many things that I've had to endure during this pregnancy that I just simply would never do for anyone other than my children - heartburn, painful bloating, losing the body I worked so hard for, arthritic pains in my hips, sleepless nights, extreme discomfort, back pain, leg cramps, fatigue, nausea - there are people out there that say pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world. Well, if I just described my symptoms to anyone without them knowing I was pregnant, they'd think I was dying of the plague (OK, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but still, NOT pretty. The beauty in pregnancy is not the exterior, because let's face it, varicose veins, stretch marks (thank GOD I don't get them), swollen hands and feet, and chubbier arms and legs are not a lovely sight - I don't care who you are. The beauty of pregnancy comes from within, the glow of a mother because she's about to bring a miracle into this world. And it's for that very miracle, that we graciously accept the duty of pregnancy - crappy symptoms and all.

The thing that keeps me going, even on my worst days, is knowing that at the end, I get to meet this beautiful creature that has been tapping on my belly for months. I never get bored of watching him squirm around in there though I've seen it now hundreds of times. I already love him more than life itself, just as I love my first son, Tanner. There will be nothing either of them can do to change that - because my love for them is truly unconditional. I know that the pain and discomfort I've had to endure is only temporary, and it's worth having a new love to fill my heart. And I believe that it's for these "inconveniences" and "discomforts", that I appreciate them and love them that much more.

Friends/Family - if you would like any of the pictures you see of us on the blog, please just right-click on the image and save it to your computer. You are welcome to print at your leisure! They are all high-pixel images. If you do not know my family or me, you probably shouldn't right-click/save or print any of our images. Just saying.


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