Smith Family - November 2014

California to Carolina is a lifestyle blog about life and all the things that inspire me. This includes motherhood and family, fashion and style, art, fitness and life in general. In 2005, shortly after meeting my future husband while living in Huntington Beach, I was taken from California to {South} Carolina due to his reassignment with the USCG. The lovely city of Charleston would become the place where my little family was created. A big part of my heart still belongs to California, but I know that California holds the life I used to live and Carolina holds the future. Follow along with me as I blog about my life as a California transplant in Charleston, South Carolina. {As long as there's a beach, right?}

Jake is my wonderful husband. We have been married since November 2007. We met in Huntington Beach, CA. He is a USCG Reservist and Vice President of his dad's construction business. He is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and lover of sports. His favorite past-time is playing beach volleyball. As you can see by the pics, due to this, we are at the beach A LOT. But I can't complain. He is a wonderful father and husband and I am so blessed that he is the one for me.
Tanner is my oldest, born in November 2005. He changed my life for the better in so many ways he'll never know. His personality traits are very similar to mine - he is quite the artist and philosophical thinker. He has a tender heart and a smile that can light up any room. He is currently in 3rd grade. His current interests are Legos, drawing, video/computer games and swimming. He loves going to the pool or the beach and has no problem letting the ocean waves take him where they take him - he is a free spirit.
Breckin is my middle child {being one myself, I feel for him}, born in August 2010. He is just the happiest little guy. I can tell he will be one to make friends easily and relate well to most anyone. He has an outgoing personality and loves to laugh. His smile makes my heart melt. He is all boy - you will often find him with his face pressed up against the back door like a dog begging to go outside. He loves making noise, working with tools {he totally imitates Daddy}, any ball he can get his hands on, riding on a tricycle, swinging at the playpark and playing in water.

Farrah is our youngest and only daughter. She was born in May 2014. We weren't planning on more children after Breckin, but when we found out we were pregnant again, I had all fingers and toes crossed for a girl...and I sure got my prayers answered. She truly completes our little family and I look forward to watching her grow and having a mother-daughter relationship. She is a beautiful baby with bright blue eyes like me.

Sugar is our English Bulldog/Boston Terrier X, born January 2013. She became an official member of our family in March 2013. She's quite the character and we are currently teaching her to skateboard {doing well!} and someday will get her on a skim board at the beach! She has added a lot to our family and we look forward to enjoying her for her entire doggie life.

Thanks for following along on our wonderful adventures and keeping up with the Smith's!


Joey Hodges said...

I am also a "California to Carolina" girl except I'm in NC! Charleston is one of my favorite places ever, though, so I mean if you HAVE to move across the country--Charleston is the place to go :) Found your blog through Amanda's link up, and I'm glad I did! Excited to follow along!

Kylie Rose said...

I'm in the same boat too! I went from California to Arkansas, so not quite Carolina, but the south :) Im excited to read along your adventures in Carolina! If you're like me you started missing the San Diego sunshine the day you moved!


Shannon @ Sweet Tea Sippin' on Mayberry said...

Hello! I love your blog it is so fun and creative. I can't wait to read more. Like your husband, my Fiancé is also a die hard Green Bay Packers fan! GO PAC Go!

Kendra C said...

I Was initially drawn to your blog from a weekend recap linkup because of the name since I am a California girl (Long Beach to be exact) who relocated to South Carolina (Sumter/Shaw AFB) and fell in love even though I have since moved on to new homes since but I am going to keep coming back to your blog because I love it!!!


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